The focus is on you. The fitness is for keeps.™

Make It Last Fitness Coaching is a small, effective online and hybrid fitness coaching business based in Athens, Georgia.

Beth Adams runs Make It Last out of passion and purpose.

To ensure she is always able to provide every client with her full support and focus, Beth limits Make It Last membership to no more than eight (8) clients at any given time. Beth also reserves two entirely free “lottery” spots for clients facing financial hardship who would not be able to receive fitness coaching otherwise.

Are you local to the Athens area? If so, great! You can work with Beth using hybrid coaching, which combines remote and in-person training and support. Make It Last Fitness Coaching is proudly affiliated with Dani McCall’s Total Training Center on Chase Street. In fact, Make It Last Fitness Coaching clients receive a discounted class and membership rates at TTC and TTC members receive a 15% discount on all Make It Last Fitness Coaching services.

How It Works and How to Get Started?

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About Make It Last Fitness Coaching

Beth Adams started Make It Last Fitness Coaching after becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of good, reliable and evidence-based fitness and nutrition information available in the mainstream. After witnessing one too many gym-goers feel confused and bewildered by not seeing results after trying to lose fat or improve fitness on their own – or even feeling “guilty” for not “succeeding”, the answer became evident:

Many of us need more than just a new workout plan. We need information. We need to know the basics on how our bodies work – to build muscle, to lose fat, to gain strength and endurance. And many of us need more than just a once-a-week in-person training session. We need support. We need someone who understands our daily challenges and can help us to navigate new ways to fit the right nutrition and exercise choices into our lives. We need someone to show us easier ways to do what has always seemed so impossible.

We need someone to catch us when we’re heading down a misleading path and to guide us back on course. And we need someone we can reach out to immediately to keep us from throwing all the cards in the air when things get tough.

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MIL charges $97.00 per month or around $3.25 per day. Members of the Total Training Center receive a 15% discount on all coaching services.

Clients are billed on a recurring basis at the start of each new month. Prices may vary for hybrid coaching or individual in-person sessions.

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